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World Champion (2008-9)Master Yograttan Dev Kapil hails from a line of distinguished Yogis. He began his yogic journey in India at the tender age of 3 (yrs),under the careful guidance of his Father Shri M.R Pareek, following the legacy passed down by his Grandfather Yogiraj Rishikesh Shastri, a renowned astrologer and Vedic scholar. Both elders play a major role and have been the driving force behind Master Dev�s significant yogic realizations and achievements. His spiritual journey was initiated by Guru "Veet raag Tapomurti Brahmrishi Danditt Swami Laksheshwarashramji ", who is revered by Shankracharyas throughout India, and Yogacharyani Krishnamurthi , a renowned yoga teacher and Yoga Arjuna Awardee.

Master Dev has studied and taught movement for over two decades of his yogic journey in different parts of Asia ,Europe and USA. He explored many styles in Yoga focusing primarily on Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga which are

diverse forms of Yogic practice with philosophies that are deeply rooted in ancient Yogic Scriptures. His teaching styles are based on the study of human anatomy and incorporate the lessons of traditional and modern forms of yoga gleaned from his Guru and as a Yoga Master. Classes focus on anatomy of body ,rhythm and flow ,safe movements to posture on correct body alignment and using of breath, on the importance of maintaining a daily discipline and accepting the blessing of change, and on the extended effects of Hatha yoga toward finding balance throughout the seasons of one's life.

Master Dev holds Diplomas in Naturopathy and a Master degree in Yogic Science. He also has extensive knowledge of Ayuveda and Astrology.

Master Dev has worked with many Western yogis, giving him a newfound western perspective. The ultimate high of his career was when he clinched the World Champion title at the Bishnu Gosh World Yoga Championship organized by the World Yoga Foundation held in Los Angeles.

As he enters a new chapter in his life, Master Dev's focus will be to expound the plentiful benefits of the yogic way of life and guide yogis and yoginis to be steadfast on their yogic path.